ATTEND HOA MEETINGS: Member meetings- 2nd Monday of each month, September – May:  Board meetings- two weeks prior to the Member meeting
.JOIN OUR HOA BOARD: consists of elected Officers, immediate Past President, Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, Inc. (FMO) Representative and six Directors. All must be HOA members. Elections are held at the January Annual Member Meeting. Nominations end at the previous December meeting.
PRESIDENT- Preside at all meetings, carry out orders of the Board, sign contracts, co-sign payments in excess of $500. One year term can succeed for one more year.
VICE PRESIDENT- Act in the place of the President if they are absent, unable or refuse to act, carry out other duties as requested by the Board.
SECRETARY- Record votes and keep minutes of all meetings and proceedings of Board and Member meetings, serve notice of all meetings, keep record of members with their addresses, perform other duties as requested by the Board. Two year term rotating with Treasurer.
TREASURER- Receive, deposit, and disperse all funds of the HOA as directed by the Board, sign all checks and promissory notes, keep proper books of account, prepare annual budget and statement of income and expenditures for review or audit. Two year term rotating with Secretary.
DIRECTORS AT LARGE– 6 Positions who attend all HOA meetings in person or via technical means. Perform duties as requested by the Board. Three elected annually for two year terms.
FMO REPRESENTATIVE:Report at HOA meetings and attend District FMO meetings. Two year term.
All new Board members will attend training within three months of being elected.

1. Sponsor recreational, social and cultural activities for residents.
2. Establish a Board of Directors to oversee administrative duties of the HOA such as:
a. Meetings with the Park Owner to coordinate all HOA activities and to keep abreast of any developments that could be of interest to or affect homeowners.
b. Meetings with members to pass on information received and to receive input from members on anything of interest or concern of home owners.
3. Bring residents together as a group for their mutual benefit.
4. Carry out and effectuate any corporate purpose enumerated in the Articles of Incorporation