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HOA Board Meetings are held in the Craft Room two weeks prior to the HOA Member’s Meeting from September through May.

HOA Member’s Meetings are held in the Ballroom the second Monday of each month from September through May.


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January 9th meeting is in three files.
One, Two, Three

December 12, 2022.  Membership Meeting Dec 12, 2022
SCHALAMAR CREEK HOA MEETING Meeting was called to order by Vice President Dick Rae   John O’Neal led us in the Pledge Of Allegiance.The floor was open to the members for any nominations for the upcoming election. There were no new nominations so Ted Reed declared them closed.   Secretary report for Nov was posted on the bulletin board.  Treasurer report was given b y Bette Johnson.  Profit of $6537.00 Bank balance as $10,357.53  Membership for 2022 was 499 For 2023 membership was at 273.  Voting will take place on Jan 9, 2023 from 8AM to 5PM in the ballroom. All members are encouraged to vote. You must be an HOA member to vote an only one per household. You may still vote by mail or absentee ballot. If you are not a member you can sign up the day of voting and will be eligible to vote. Members helping out the day of voting are as follows. HEAD TELLER JOE DAVENPORT , MAGGIE DiVESTRO ,DAN MOREMAN, JOE HOWARD , SHARON BOUCHEW
FMO will be holding meetings Jan 12, in Ft Meade, Feb 9 in Bartow, No date for March it will be a Vendor Fair. There also in 2023 will be a TIE DOWN PROGRAM.  More information can be obtained from Jim Basford our FMO rep and again we encourage everyone to become a member. 
The pictorial will be happening and you will be receiving phone calls to pick a date and time to have your picture taken.

Motion to adjourned was made by Barb Lidsky and seconded by Jim Basford.  Linda Spanbauer,  Treasurer

October 10, 2022 Member meeting.   Approved
September Member Meeting.  Approved
August 8th Member Meeting   Approved
June 12th Member Meeting      Approved
May 9, 2022
April 11th Meeting
March Meeting  
February Meeting Minutes still unavailable
January meeting postponed

December 13, 2021 Member Minutes
November 8, 2021
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November 9, 2020 Member Meeting

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