Important Community Notice
UPDATE – Work has started on the homes in the “A” Section. Once completed, they will continue to the next section. There is still time to complete a form if you have not already done so. Forms are available by clicking the link below to print, or you may pick one up in our office. Completed forms should be submitted as soon as possible.
Residents have asked us if we could provide any information about the ongoing tie-down program that is going on in the park. In our effort to keep the residents updated on the progress of the program, we will be posting the (below) information each month.

This information shows which houses have been visited and exactly what was done to that residence. After the tie-down program in the park is complete, residents who have had work done on their homes will receive a “Certificate of Participation” issued by SRS. List is available on the Gazette. Only some of A section is done.
REMINDER – After the Storm Ready Services meeting in the community clubhouse regarding the upcoming “Tie-Down Program” offered to all residents whose homes are 1999 and older we were told an update would be provided by the middle of February 2024. We received and are sharing the following update:
Only homes 1999 and older are eligible for the program To date – 330+ homes returned formsShould anyone have a form they have not turned in, please return it to us immediately. Once Storm Ready has completed the work in the Community, it will be too late to apply.