Schalamar Creek FAQs

What alterations can I make to my property?

Approved or prohibited alterations are listed in your prospectus.    However, before making exterior alterations, contact park management

Who is responsible for trimming the trees and shrubs on my lot?

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their lot, including trees and shrubs.

Who can I contact to do work around my house?

Go to the Services/Classified section of the website and click on Neighbors for Hire for residents who offer their services.  Also check the Advertisers link in the Services/Classified section, and the advertisers in the newsletter and phone directory whose ads support their publication.  Be sure to check your prospectus for rules governing changes to your property.

When is trash picked up, and what is the holiday pickup schedule?

Household Trash and Recyclables are picked up on Monday.  Yard Waste is picked up on Wednesdays.  All trash must fit in the brown trash bin.  Recyclable materials must fit inside the blue bin.  Yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, yard debris) must be bagged with a weight not to exceed 25 pounds.  Limbs must be smaller than two inches in diameter, four feet in length, and bundled together no higher than 3 feet.  Generally, trash will be picked up one day later than usual on the holiday schedule.  You will receive an annual invoice in March from J&J Sanitation, payable to them.  A check can be mailed to them directly or dropped in the payment slot located in a door on the upper level of the clubhouse.  The trash company website is

What can I put in my trash and recycle container?

Click here for a list of all acceptable and unacceptable materials.  I have trash that won’t fit into my bin (old appliances, large quantity of debris, etc)     Who will pick this up and when? Special pickup service is available on Saturdays.  You must call for a quote and schedule a pickup at 863-984-9581 or call Brian at 813-417-0182.  There is a minimum charge of $25.  Trash bins at the clubhouse are not for residential trash.

How do I get an additional opener for the front gate?  How much does it cost?

Contact the Community Manager  for additional information.

How do I get a resident sticker for a new car?

Contact the park management office.

How can I get a Schalamar Creek phone directory or newsletter?

Contact information is on the Contacts page of this website

What are the guard gate hours?

The back gate is closed at 6:00 pm and re-opens at 6:00 am daily.  The front gate closes at 6:00 pm.  You must use your gate openers (if no guard is present) and have a car sticker on your vehicle to gain entrance via the guard.  Security Gate Contact is 863-660-5600. 11.

How do my guests or delivery people gain access after gates are closed?

If you will be expecting guests arriving after 6:00 pm, you will need to contact the office at 863-665-0185 by 5:00 pm that day to be added to the guest list or call the Security Gate Contact at 863-660-5600 to let them know you are expecting a guest.  Your guest will need your name and lot number.  If Gate Attendant cannot verify permission from a resident for guest to enter, the attendant will contact that resident to notify security of access.

Where can I purchase a personalized yard sign for my light post?

Please contact: Trudy Klade (863) 669-1749

I have a critter under my house. Who should I call?

Scott Meadows from Critter Removal has performed services here in Schalamar. Contact information is 863-412-4304.  This is a recommendation from a fellow resident. No representation is made by the HOA regarding these service providers.   Check the web for other companies available in the area.

How can I pay my rent?

There are several ways:  There is a door slot to deposit your payments located in the lobby on the upper level of the Clubhouse, US mail, online banking or contact the Management Office at 863-665-0185 to set up an ACH from your checking or savings.

Is the Schalamar Creek Clubhouse used for shelter during hurricane season?

No.  The clubhouse will be locked during a hurricane event.  Check the Resources section on this website for Emergency Preparedness information.

Who is responsible for replacing the globe on my streetlight?

The homeowner is responsible.  The original supplier was The Lighting Hut located at 230 N. Ingraham Ave., Lakeland.  Contact number is 863-682-0158.

Is there additional storage available for my RV on site at Schalamar Creek?

Yes.  There is a storage lot located toward the back entrance for additional vehicles, motor homes, sheds, boats, etc.  Contact the Community Manager for further information and monthly cost (which is additional).

I am having out of town guests and will need an extra bed and a highchair temporarily.  Is it possible to borrow these items?

Yes.  Schalamar Creek HOA has a Loan Closet full of an assortment of items that you can borrow.  If you need it, we probably have it.  Contact one of the many Loan Closet volunteers listed in the HOA Association Directory or on the Contacts page of this website for access to the closet.  Loan Closet Items:  Strollers,  Car Seats,  Walkers, Air mattresses, Misc. Toys, Children’s bicycles, Shower chairs, Portable ramp, Raised toilet seats, Crutches, Knee stroller, Portable play pens.  Call for more info.   

What are the pool and clubhouse hours?

Caddy Shack restaurant: Monday thru Saturday, 8 am to 7 pm, Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

Pool hours are 9 am to dusk. However clubhouse doors are locked at 9 pm, with no access in or out of pool after this.  Check with management for the most current information on hours.

Can members submit content for the website?

Yes, however, all content will be reviewed for approval by the website committee. 

*Information can change rather quicky and may not be reflected on the website.